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New Product: Liposomal NMN by GenuinePurity

Avatar photo Ramon Boone November 10, 2023 1 minute read 62624 Views

Supplementing with NMN has been shown to improve health in many dramatic ways.

NMN is a precursor of NAD+. This means your body needs NMN to make NAD+.

People taking NMN report more physical energy, better sleep, improved memory and that’s just the beginning. The youthful, vibrant health flooding your BRAIN and BODY is the reason why many people are calling NMN “life-changing”.

In short, NAD+ helps regulate over 400 biological functions in your body. It’s also vital for keeping all 37.2 trillion of your cells alive and healthy.

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Target audience: Suitable for men & women aged 35+ who want to improve the way their body functions – increased energy, improved memory, better immune system, improved sleep, reduced joint pain, better blood pressure, increased libido, and improved cellular health with “powered up” mitochondria.

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