Boost Your Income By Giving Your Copy Writing a Jolt

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One of the most profitable things you can do for your online business is to improve your copywriting game. At SellHealth, we’re in the business of helping men and women around the world find solutions to problems… most of them ones they don’t want their neighbors to find out about.
Your landing page copy needs to speak to the consumer’s deepest, darkest fears. If your website visitor thinks that you understand their pain and can help solve their problems, they’ll be yours forever.
Here are a handful of tips to supercharge your copywriting so that you can improve your conversions.

#1: Know Who You’re Writing To

As we wrote in our blog post on Targeting Your Ideal Customer, before writing content you must know exactly whom you’re writing to. Once you’ve figured out your ideal customer, it’ll allow you to laser-target your sales copy to better speak to them.
If your prospective customer feels as if you know his or her problems, they’ll be more likely to believe the solutions you offer to them.

#2: Remember What People Really Want

One of the best books you can read on copywriting is Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman. In this book, Whitman explains that humans are “biologically programmed” for 8 basic human desires:
  1. Life extension, survival, enjoyment of their life
  2. The feeling of happiness/joy surrounding food and drinks
  3. Freedom from fear
  4. Sexual relationship/companionship
  5. Restful living conditions
  6. To be able to keep up with the same lifestyle as those around them
  7. Protection of their loved ones
  8. Approval of their peers
How many of the so-called “Life-Force 8” (as Whitman calls these) can SellHealth products help with? When writing about a product that addresses one of these human desires, be sure to address it in your sales copy!

#3: Pleasure vs. Pain

As we just laid out in the previous tip, humans want to gain pleasure and avoid pain. Use this to your advantage in your sales copy.
Does one of our products solve a painful problem, such as poor sexual performance? Be sure to write examples of what poor sexual performance looks and feels like. It’ll make the problem more real for your prospective customer, making them think about solutions to escape the pain they’re struggling with.
Next, show the contrast of what it looks and feels like to have their problem solved. Give them a taste of the pleasure they’ll experience once they use the product you’re recommending to them.
A simple formula is: Problem (Pain) -> SellHealth Product (Solution) -> Pleasure

#4: Use a Smart Headline: Benefits over Features

We see a lot of people make this major mistake in their ad copy; using a clickbait-type headline that misleads the consumer. Their initial metrics look great, because their click-through rate is through the roof, but their conversion rate is terrible. Then, they blame the offer instead of focusing on WHY their conversion is so bad.
Be smart with your headlines.
Make sure that your headline addresses the #1 benefit to your consumer. Don’t just try to get them to click on your ad to learn more. Tell them in the headline what they’re going to experience when they use the product. Don’t make the consumer guess.
Lead with the benefits of using our product.
Marketers often make the mistakes of focusing on features of their product: “Our product is made with all-natural ingredients…” That’s great, but what’s it going to do for ME, the consumer?

#5: Keep It Simple

There’s a difference between searching on a medical website and visiting your ad copy. When someone’s on a medical site, they’re looking for detailed, scientific explanations. Your ad copy shouldn’t read like a medical site.
Instead, use shorter sentences with simple words. Why? Men and women are turned off by long, complex sentences. Many copywriting experts agree that the optimal grade level for your ad copy is 5th to 6th grade.
Remember that the goal of your ad copy is to get people to do something – buy a product using your affiliate link. The simpler you keep your ad copy, the easier it’ll be for your website visitors to follow your suggestions.
Implement these tips when writing your copy, and you may see a difference in how your prospective customers interact with your ads.
Let us know how it works for you when working with our products! If you have questions or need additional help, please contact your Affiliate Manager.

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