Tested & Proven Marketing Tools To Maximize Your Commissions

When you join SellHealth.com you will instantly have access to a wide array of marketing tools including:

SEO Optimized Content Sites - Don't have time to build your own site? No problem! Take one of our premade websites that have been tested and proven to convert visitors into buyers and you can be up and running immediately!

Full and Half Page Ads - Already have a site that is getting traffic? Simply take one of these ads, post it on your website and begin making sales. It couldn't be any easier since our team of designers have done the work for you!

Articles & Content - Want to build credibility with your customers, increase your search engine rankings and increase your commissions at the same time? Simply take the prewritten, info packed articles we have created for you and post them on your website... or in your blog... or in your newsletter!

Banners - Do you want to make more money from your existing websites? Simply place our scientifically designed banners throughout your web properties and the commission will quickly follow. We offer the biggest selection of tested proven banners in multiple styles and formats!

Endorsements from Medical Professionals - In order to increase the effectiveness and credibility of the products on our network, we have sought out leading medical authorities to review and endorse the products on our network.

Testimonials - Add credibility to your affiliate promotions by including testimonials from past customers that have experienced tremendous success using our products.

Your success drives our success and that is why we are committed to bringing you the best, highest converting marketing tools in the industry.

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