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Optimize Your Site for Conversions

Avatar photo Galel Fajardo March 18, 2019 3 minute read 22604 Views

It’s one thing to generate traffic. If you know how to set up PPC ads or native ad buys, it can be fairly straightforward to get a lot of visitors to your site or landing page. However, getting those visitors to convert into buyers is a completely different challenge. How should you best optimize your site to help maximize conversions?

Check Your Copy

In our last blog post, we discussed Targeting Your Ideal Customer and the importance of knowing all about the audience you’re trying to sell to. If you haven’t read that, spend a few minutes going over that post to see how your site “speaks” to your audience.
Part of knowing audience is tying their problems or ailments to the product that you’re selling them. Many of SellHealth’s offers help people struggling with issues that they normally wouldn’t talk about openly. Do you make your audience feel like you know their pain? Check your site’s content to ensure that you’re “speaking” to your site visitors in the best way possible.

Appeal to Authority

One of the reasons that SellHealth has built a great reputation over the last two decades has been that we invest a lot of resources into our products. The formulations are not only proprietary to our company, we conduct studies on products to ensure their effectiveness.
Be sure to reference studies, and testimonials from the medical doctors we have endorsing our products. Show your audience that actual doctors (not stock photos) are helping behind the scenes, but be sure to stay compliant! Don’t make claims that any supplement cures or prevents any disease.

Use a Heat Map

Confused visitors won’t buy. This is one reason you want to test and re-test your site’s layout to see if people are find what they are looking for. One of the nice tools you can use on a landing page or website to see where visitors are clicking is a heat map tool. CrazyEgg and Clicktale are two of the more popular heat map tools online.
A heat map works by tracking clicks on your site, so you’ll be able to see where all of your visitors are clicking the majority of the time. This is helpful to figure out if you’re being aggressive enough with your copy. Are you providing an affiliate link soon enough to your site visitors? If you’re getting a good click-through-rate (CTR) on your ad, but have a low CTR to the affiliate offer, you may want to improve the placement of your affiliate links.

Use Bullet Points and Spaces

Unless you’re writing a blog post for SEO purposes, you’ll want your sales copy to be short, direct, and to the point. Use spaces to break up large groups of text, and use bullet points to highlight key pieces of sales copy.
  • People like to skim, especially when shopping online.
  • Using bullet points allows you to highlight essential elements.
  • A majority of your traffic will likely come from mobile users, so keep it brief!

Optimize for Mobile Users

Don’t use large blocks of text or site designs that require a lot of data. Having a responsive design will make it easier for someone on a mobile device to view your content easily. Since shoppers predominantly use their mobile phones for online purchases, make sure you’re making it easy for them to access your content and click through to your affiliate links.
A great digital marketer is always testing. Test all the elements on your page such as your headlines, button colors, and creatives. Be sure to keep track of what changes you’ve made so that you can compare results during the testing period.
If you have questions about how to improve conversions, please reach out to your Affiliate Manager. They’d be happy to help give suggestions to improve your campaign.

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