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Finding the Best Affiliate Programs Online

Avatar photo Galel Fajardo October 16, 2020 6 minute read 39489 Views

One of the reasons people typically find their way into affiliate marketing is because they want to make money from home, and see affiliate programs as a way to start an online business quickly and easily. The tough part about this is the fact that there are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs online. Every network will tell you “we’re the best!” so how should you evaluate affiliate programs to see what makes the most sense for you? The following can help you navigate through all the noise.

Earn Money Online with In-Demand Products

Let’s say that you’ve found an affiliate program that offers huge payouts for sales, but there’s little demand for it. That’ll be a tough sell for an affiliate unless they know how to target an incredibly specific audience.

New affiliates should focus on finding the best affiliate programs online that have products that are in demand.

Among the popular niches that make it much easier to sell products or services having to do with your life and your money.

Niches that relate to your life fall under the categories of health and wellness like sexual health, male enhancement, weight loss, bodybuilding, boosting the immune system, and finding solutions to embarrassing problems.

Areas related to your money include finances, investments, real estate, mortgage, taxes, making additional income, credit repair, insurance, and home improvement.

At SellHealth, we pride ourselves on offering products that fall into the category of health improvement since our affiliate program offers assistance in a variety of areas.

Find a High Paying Affiliate Program

When you’re starting out, you might not be able to buy a lot of traffic. You’re going to have to start small and scale up. This means, it’s important to work with an affiliate program that pays you commissions that are high enough to turn profitable campaigns.

When selling products, one of the most important things to look at is the commission structure. If you make a sale, do you get paid a flat fee or are you paid a percentage of the sale?

Let’s say that you’re promoting an offer that pays out $60 per conversion. If the cost to the consumer is $99, the affiliate is making a healthy portion of the sales amount.

However, what happens if the consumer decides that the pricing makes more sense to buy a larger quantity, and chooses to buy more to save, and spends $350? On a flat rate, the affiliate is making only $60.

At SellHealth, we pay on a rev share basis, which means that affiliates get paid a percentage of the revenue. So, if the consumer buys a larger package, you get paid a lot more!

Examples of SellHealth’s Rev Share Commissions:

VigRX Plus pays 50% on every sale, so a 12-month package costs $598 which means the affiliate gets paid $299 on that sale!

GenF20 Plus pays 40% on every sale, so a 6-month package costs $399.99 which means the affiliate gets paid $159.99 on that sale!

Rev share commissions make a lot of sense for affiliates, so you’re getting paid for bringing in bigger sales. Most networks can’t afford to do this, since they’re brokering other products.

SellHealth’s parent company owns the vast majority of the products in the SellHealth affiliate network, which means we can pay our affiliates a lot more per sale.

Targeting More Niche Audiences

The key to a successful affiliate campaign is targeting a niche. You’ll likely be more successful if you can get specific with your audience. When looking for networks, you want to find products that allow you to specifically target a niche.

One of the things that affiliates like about working with SellHealth is that they can target more niche audiences with the products we offer.

For example, it’s one thing if you want to help women improve their skin, but that’s an incredibly broad niche. Instead, if you focus down to helping women struggling with stretch marks, you can target your ads and sales copy to speak to that specific problem.

SellHealth offers allow affiliates to reach more niche audiences by offering products that target specific issues like:

  • enhancing sexual performance
  • premature ejaculation
  • reducing stretch marks
  • reducing wrinkles
  • easing rosacea
  • improving erection quality
  • improving urinary incontinence
  • increasing semen volume
  • increasing female libido
  • and many, many more!

There’s a lot that affiliates can target with our huge portfolio of products. Commission percentages are high for the most popular products, which means that our top affiliates are earning well over six figures of income per year.

Find a Network that Makes it Easy to Get Paid

You’re getting into affiliate marketing for one reason – to get paid. Therefore, you want to make sure you work with an affiliate network that makes it simple for you to receive your hard-earned cash.

At SellHealth, we make it easy for affiliates to get paid, offering a number of different electronic payment options, including: Wire, ACH, PayPal, Paxum and BTC.

We pay our affiliates bi-weekly, and unlike many networks we do not require you to send us an invoice. We send our payment automatically when you’ve hit the payment threshold you choose. If you want to get paid as soon as you hit $50 in earnings, no problem. If you’d rather wait until you hit $1,000 in earnings, we can do that too.

Now, the only thing left to do is to get started!

When applying with a network, it’s important that you’re truthful on the application. If you don’t have a lot of experience, don’t let that discourage you from applying to an affiliate network. Better yet, be proactive and reach out to a network you’re interested in joining and let them know you’re new but want to promote their offer.

Affiliate networks have to manage risk, so you want a prospective network to know that bringing you on as an affiliate won’t cause them a headache because you’ll abide by their terms and conditions. Be upfront, transparent, and honest about your experience level. Most networks will accept new affiliates, especially if you reach out to them.

It’s quick and easy to sign up as an affiliate with SellHealth. Get started today by completing our application with as much information as possible. Be sure to leave your best email address so that our affiliate managers can contact you.

If you have any questions, please email our Director of Affiliate Program at or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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