Digital Marketing Predictions for 2023

Avatar photo Galel Fajardo January 25, 2023

This is a deep-dive that Derek hosted going over his predictions for 2023 regarding search, social, consumer behavior and technology that is going to impact digital business, online marketing, and affiliates. He’s joined by Chuck Anderson, a seasoned digital entrepreneur and coach with a career spanning over two decades. After you listen, let us know …

ChatGPT and AI for Affiliate Marketers

Avatar photo Galel Fajardo January 12, 2023

You’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks if you haven’t heard about ChatGPT. The Internet is on fire testing out the limits of this incredible tool, but is it just a fad? In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss ChatGPT and whether or not affiliates can use this Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool …