3 Easy Tips to Sell More: PPC Marketing for Affiliates

Avatar photo Galel Fajardo August 28, 2020

Pay-Per-Click marketing, or PPC as it’s commonly referred to, is an excellent way to drive targeted traffic. It can be incredibly profitable when you create a campaign that takes advantage of a prospect’s intent and helps connect them with your proposed solution. Effective PPC marketing involves work, however. A lot of affiliates think they can …

Alternatives to Amazon Associates: Earn More Money as an Affiliate!

Avatar photo Galel Fajardo August 12, 2020

Are you an affiliate looking for alternatives to Amazon Associates? You’re not alone. As the megastore for eCommerce, Amazon is a trusted brand that drives a lot of search traffic. With hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, it used to be a good site for affiliates to choose micro niches to promote.  Unfortunately, …