Is Email Marketing Dead?

Galel Fajardo March 27, 2019

Ask a group of Internet marketers their opinions on email, and you’re likely to hear several different thoughts. Some think that email marketing is antiquated; that it’s all about using social media, others may tell you that they’re generating money on autopilot thanks to their email marketing funnels. Who’s right? Take a look at how …

Optimize Your Site for Conversions

Galel Fajardo March 18, 2019

It’s one thing to generate traffic. If you know how to set up PPC ads or native ad buys, it can be fairly straightforward to get a lot of visitors to your site or landing page. However, getting those visitors to convert into buyers is a completely different challenge. How should you best optimize your …

Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Galel Fajardo March 7, 2019

A mistake that a lot of marketers make is trying to be everything to everyone. The fact is, you can’t target everyone to buy a particular product. The more focused you can become on who your ideal customer is, the better the chances you’ll have at converting someone from being a prospect to a customer. …